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Join us in Fort Collins for a full day of Continuing Education presentations and earn 6 CEU's from top industry professionals that are either AIA accredited or meet DORA guidelines.  It's free to attend and lunch is provided.  The schedule and presentation summaries will be posted soon.

December 06, 2017
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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The Armstrong Hotel
259 South College Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80524
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Preliminary Schedule

  • 8:00 am - Check-in, coffee and bagels

  •  9:00 am - Start of morning presentations

  •  12:00 pm - Lunch

  •  1:00 pm - Start of afternoon presentations

  •  4:00 pm - Networking and wrap-up

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Denver Chapter Special Event


NOVEMBER 9, 2017

The CSI-Denver Chapter hosted a tour of the Basalite Concrete Products Plant, in Denver, on Thursday, November 9. Jacob Wipf, Masonry Sales Manager, and Chris Gorenflo, Architectural Representative, conducted the plant tour. Jacob and Chris took the group to various applications in the plant, explaining the different aggregate, molds, and processes used in manufacturing masonry structural components (CMU), Wall Caps, Veneers and facing finish options.


Thank you to Morayma Salas of Cuningham Group Architects, for coordinating this Tech Tour, and to Basalite Concrete Products for providing this educational day and lunch.


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Denver Chapter Members enjoy an evening of bowling and socializing at the "Lucky Strike-Belmar" in Lakewood. The top score, and $25.00 Gift Card goes to... Matt Lyon of Elliott Associates. Matt bowled a 152, Yeah Matt!!


Mike Young, Morayma Salas, Michelle Duran and Jeff Stickney enjoy some refreshment and conversation, and cheer on the bowlers.


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Denver Green Roof Initiative Passed - Now What?

by Liz O'Sullivan

Denver voters faced Initiated Ordinance 300, the Denver Green Roof Initiative, in our recent election, and voted it in, by a small margin. What does this mean for building owners, developers, architects, engineers, contractors, roofing distributors and product representatives?

Within the City and County of Denver, every new building with a gross floor area of 25,000 square feet or more, every building addition with a gross floor area of 25,000 square feet or more, and every roof replacement on a building with a gross floor area of 25,000 square feet or more, constructed after January 1, 2018, will have to include a green roof, or a combination of a green roof and a solar energy collection system.

A green roof is defined as "An extension of an above grade roof, built on top of a human-made structure, that allows vegetation to grow in a growing medium," so we will be seeing more roofs with plants on them in Denver.

The whole roofs of such buildings won't be green - there are specific minimum areas of green roof coverage for different sizes of buildings. The smaller the gross floor area of a building, the smaller a percentage of the roof that needs to be green (or green and solar energy collecting).

There are some exceptions to these requirements.

1. Roof replacements that would require "major structural alterations" in order to meet the mandated coverage areas will not have to meet the minimum green roof coverage for the building size - green roofs on these buildings can cover a smaller part of the roof area than would otherwise be required, but these areas need to be the maximum amount of coverage possible without requiring "major structural alterations." ("Major structural alterations" is not among the dozens of terms defined in the proposed ordinance.)

2. Apartment and condominium buildings will not require green roofs unless they are over 50 feet high, or over 4 stories.

3. Buildings for which a complete site plan application, or a building permit application, has been submitted before January 1, 2018 will not require green roofs.

4. And, as with Denver's affordable housing ordinance, there's a loophole - the "cash-in-lieu" option, in which a building owner or developer can apply for an exemption and make a "payment of cash-in-lieu of construction of a green roof." The amount of this payment will be $25 per square foot of the area of green roof that the building was supposed to have. ($25 per square foot is what the ordinance indicates the average cost of construction of a green roof is.)

We are likely to see a flurry of building permit applications in the last month of 2017, as people hurry to wrap up, and submit for permit, work that is already on the boards to avoid 1. redesigning to accommodate different roofing assemblies, or 2. an extra submittal to the City and extra fees.

Design teams may have to do some redesign on projects already on the boards if they can't submit for permit before the end of the year. Obviously, roof assemblies will have to change (and green roofs are more expensive than other assemblies), parapet heights may have to change, structural design may have to change (to something beefier), water will need to be brought to the roof (not a typical design feature), and increased amounts of rooftop wastewater will need to be drained away. Solar energy collection systems may need to be designed, affecting building electrical systems. Design specialists will need to be hired for the roofing design, the planting design, and, if applicable, for the solar energy system design.

Manufacturer product representatives and distributors will have to get educated about different components of green roofs. Contractors will need to find, or train, more green roof installers.

Building owners will have costs for their green roofs beyond the design and construction phases. They will have risks that owners without green roofs don't have. Green roof plantings need to be maintained, cared for, and watered, forever. Insurance riders for green roofs will increase the costs of building insurance, but regular insurance policies usually exclude problems stemming from green roofs, so these will be necessary costs. Problems with the waterproofing components of green roof assemblies, discoverable only after moisture intrusion into buildings, are more difficult to diagnose and repair than problems with non-green-roof assemblies. Moisture intrusion is the most common cause of damage to buildings, and roofs are the parts of buildings that are most prone to moisture intrusion.

The upsides of more green roofs in Denver are for all of us. An increase of green space in Denver should reduce urban heat island impacts, and assist with storm water management. 

As a result of the Denver Green Roof Initiative, Denver will see more green roofs.

Denver might also see a commercial construction slowdown sooner than expected, as owners and developers decide to build their buildings outside the City limits to avoid the extra costs and risks of green roofs, or to avoid extra fees.

Here's the text of the ordinance.

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Renewal Time

Time for these members to renew their CSI Membership;

David Ades         Pella Windows & Doors 

Bruce Hazzard  Design Management LLC

Glenn Van Horn   Borgert Products

Michael Kwasny  Tubelite

Sharon Wilson

Mark Tharnish   Sika Corporation

Richard Burke   CyberCon Consulting

Bryan Smith  US Mix

Austin Sims    HILTI Inc.

Hooman Aryan  4240 Architecture

Emily Bonilla  Boral

Tony Canepa  Boss Products

James Miller  James S. Miller, Architect

Greg Kelton  ARCHISPEX

Brad Steele  Brad Steele & Associates, Inc.

Anne Myers  ISEC, Incorporated

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Schedule of Events


January 16, 2018, Membership Lunch Meeting: "Community Village Tiny Homes" Presented by Tim Reinan of Radian, Inc.

February 13, 2018, Membership Lunch Meeting: "Preformed - Prefabricated Buildings" Presented by Magued Eldaief. 

March 8, 2018, "Construct Denver" Trade Show and Seminars.

April 10, 2018, Membership Meeting: Speaker Panel and Discussion - Details to be announced. 


December 13, 2017, Membership Meeting: BCER Group - Amy Hoepfner

January 31, 2018, Membership Meeting: EPIC Metals - David Mills

February 21, 2018, Membership Meeting: TYVEK-R.W. Specialties - Jim Holt

March 7, 2018, JOBSITE TOUR: Deaf & Blind School 3:30 pm

March 21, 2018, Membership Meeting: MH Lighting - David Bray

April 25, 2018, Membership Meeting: Rectorseal - Scott Benson

May 30, 2018, Year End Mixer - Care & Share Food Drive

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