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CSI Denver Chapter - President's Message, April 2020



When talking about the CSI Denver Chapter I often refer to us as Family. Many of us have grown up together professionally, with long histories and many stories to tell. This has always been a safe place to teach and learn, to embrace each other's' strengths and expertise, and to forgive each other our weaknesses and differences. That we CARE for each other is important for Members old-and-new to know and remember, especially now.


As Covid-19 understanding began to grow just weeks ago for many of us, we were first challenged with the impact on our March 12 annual trade show, CSI BUILD DENVER. Attendance was lower than previous years but all embraced the opportunity with positive attitudes, Purell, and elbow-bumps. We understood in the moment that this might be the last opportunity to meet for a while, as has been borne out.


Since then we've scrambled to find a new-normal for our blood-relations at-home and elsewhere, and for our work. Some of our loved-ones (including our members) are at-higher-risk for illness, and some are out of work. You'll see on the CSI calendar that our upcoming in-person events have been postponed at least through April; our 3/23 PM-CDT Training, our 4/1 Southside Coffee Hour and 4/15 Northside Happy Hour, the 4/14 Membership Meeting, 4/21 Concrete Finishing Demonstration, and the 4/23 Education Day in Glenwood Springs. Finding peace in all of this may be elusive for longer than we'd like, but our goals of education and connection are still in-place. These challenges are a call to find new solutions.


Fortunately, this is a tenacious group of problem-solvers. Our organization's standardization and expertise is a fine foundation to innovate upon. We understand the importance and are not intimidated by the challenge; there IS a path forward.


The Board is currently developing options for virtual events and education sessions in addition to rescheduling the postponed events later in the year. Also, there may be forms of assistance to our Members, or public service we can consider. You're welcome to contact us at [email protected] with any ideas or suggestions, if you'd like to attend a (virtual) Board Meeting, if you have other important news to share, or if you wish to get involved in other ways. We will also provide information through our email notices and on the chapter website.


For now, we hope that all are staying safe and healthy, and remembering to CARE for each other. Thank you to the CSI Denver Chapter Family,


Mike Bensky, CSI Denver Chapter President